Wafu - guilty free japanese cuisine

Grandma’s dishes

All of Wafu’s meals are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, MSG & refined sugar.
Many Japanese dishes are used egg and wheat. But Yukako doesn’t use with special reason that many people have foods allergy of gluten, egg, dairy products now but almost eating place use these items.
Yukako will be happy to cook or show a recipe which used egg, gluten and dairy product if you want to do in your kitcken.

Grandma’s dishes, home style Japanese dish - it is simple, however it used many methods.
When we find seasonal and fresh produce, let’s cook, prepare or pickles huge quantity in the beginning.
And we eat little by little.
Some day, other things are added.
Please create the tomorrow still newer taste.
A new dish is produced at all the times.
Seasonal products must be fresh at a low price.
Moreover, the nutritive value is high and delicious.
Let’s share easy cooking knowledge together!

All of dishes are Vegan suitable $12.00

Yukako would like to introduce about cooking with whole grains, sea weeds, green leaves and roots vegetables.
Note: Please ask Yukako if you are interested in with seafood and meats.