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Message from Yukako

Eating alone can be dull and unsavoury.
I wish people can eat together.
To eat in group and be happy, there are rules that you should know and follow.This is the secret to at tasty meal.

Let’s think and act together, what can we do, where can we start?
Small things can protect the planet.
Let us start now, from this moment.

Why do you receive a plastic bag when you go shopping that can be used only once? When given to you, you don't have to worry about carrying things and your hands will stay clean. But would you feel the same if that plastic bag could take away lives from animals? Even one plastic bag in the sea can kill fish and turtles. Animals mistake plastic bag for food and suffocate from it. If it flows into the forest, birds might get trapped.

In India, you will be fined. When plastic bags are thrown out, it becomes a cause to increase mosquitos. Instead of sprinkling pesticides, Indian government decided to prohibit it, which is much safer. There are many other natural things, biodegradable things that can be used. Let’s think together where we can start.

Paper cups are useful too, and they can be recycled. But I wish people would carry around their own tumbler, because recycling needs a lot of energy too. When you get used to things that are convenient, people stop to think what is really necessary.

It is true that even I get tempted to drink a cup of coffee when I smell good aroma from a face. If you choose to use paper cups, yes, you can buy a cup for a friend. But let’s be more organized.

If everyone started to give a thought on how to handle food, we can reduce so much waste. If we stopped wasting food, would people still die from hunger?
If you know how to cook and eat, and appreciate your food, you don’t have to waste it and actually, it will become tastier!
For example, cutting vegetable in the same size is sometimes not appropriate. There are hard parts and soft parts, so if they are all the same size and cooked for the same length, of course it doesn’t taste nice! Things that are in season and grown local taste much better and are higher in nutritional value.
Let’s eat what’s good for you and tasty as well.
When you use traditional knowledge and technique, things taste better! That’s why it’s important to listen to the elderlies, like your grandpa and grandma.

Remember how you were told by them, “Don’t run so fast, or else you’ll fall and hurt yourself”.When you didn’t listen, you fell. It is ok to fall and know how much it hurts. That is how you learn to be careful and not hurt yourself.

Some things are fragile, so people prefer to use “safe” things, but is that really ideal? Glassware and chinaware will break if you drop it. But that is why you have to learn how to handle it with care. It’s not like plastic, be gentle with it.

There are many opinions; there are many lives, and not one answer to everything. That’s why I want to protect the Earth for the future, with everyone.

I know you are all busy, but for a moment, please pause and think, what is really important in life.

Wafu’s house keeper,
Yukako Ichikawa