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the way of wafu

The word ‘Wafu’ has its origins in a gentle mindfulness regarding food. Simply put, Wafu means Japanese style. We invite you to incorporate the way of wafu into your everyday life.

be prepared love chewing mind manners maintain balance embody gratitude value our earth be the change

be prepared

Think ahead. Remember to bring a Tupperware container with you every restaurant or takeaway shop you visit so that takeaway and leftovers may be safely stowed and eaten later. When cooking, consider future meals and plan for useful leftovers. Understand how to keep leftovers and incorporate them into future meals. Before you throw something away ask yourself: Can I do something productive with this?

love chewing

Practice the art of chewing. The process of chewing is a vital component of the digestive process and it aids in the proper transport of nutrient to your body. Chew mouthfuls at least thirty times. But for the full benefit you should chew each mouthful 100 times. Your whole body will thank you. Chewing also helps your brain, by practicing counting and mindfulness. Another possible thrill is the discovery of new tastes that come only after chewing.

mind your manners

/ Good eating manners are an important aid to digestion.
/ Wait to be given permission before you sit down. / Sit up straight and relax.
/ Share meals.
/ Rest chopsticks and cutlery after moving food into your mouth and while chewing.
/ Say “itadakimasu,” when served first meal at Japanese place.
/ Never ‘play’ with table settings.
/ Only pour the amount of soy sauce that you need and don’t pour it over your food.
/ Never waste rice or sauce.
/ Never waste any food.
/ If not required, request no garnish, wasabi or ginger be served.
/ Consider others when in public.
/ Never speak loudly on your phone.
/ Never waste any food container.
/ If you break item apologise and offer to pay for the replacement.

maintain balance

Don't rush your meals. Ensure each plate of food is balanced. Carbohydrates are our friends. They are part of protein-rich grains. Eating meat is unbalanced, and requires extra grains to restore balance. Food should be organic, nature knows best. Eating in a balanced manner at every meal is the way of sharing. Check the menu well before you order at restaurant. Order only foods what you need to be 90% full.

embody gratitude

Think yourself fortunate. Be thankful for your wealth while thousands starve every hour. You are lucky to have more than enough to eat, how can you share this luck with others? You can start by taking the wafu way into your every day of your life, take small actions and together we will have a big impact. Thinking omoriyari expresses gratitude to the earth.

value our earth

No commodity can be exchanged for the environment. The health of our bodies and the health our earth is our real wealth. We must live more simply and mindfully and value this earth that sustains us. Exchanging unsustainable financial growth with personal growth will create a richer world.

be the change

To create change, we must first start with ourselves. When we serve as an example of what is possible we inspire others to make changes as well. Think about what issues you care about and act on them. We are not powerless. We can change what needs changing in our world, little by little, through each of us doing out bit. Remember to share Wafu’s ethos: tell others about our important and hopeful message.

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